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BASILIScan is a free, open-source, academic piece of software created to significantly aid in the effort of rational protein expression design. Scientists around the world are using BASILIScan to save time and streamline their research! Learn more…

Latest updates

Important notice (30/07/2018): Some users have reported problems with privileges preventing BASILIScan from running on some OSX systems. This problem should have been resolved now, if you download the latest updated version below, which has now been patched (30/07/2018). If you still have problems with running BASILIScan, see the FAQ section or contact me (m.barski@imperial.ac.uk).

11th December 2018 – The BASILIScan paper published in BMC Genomics

BASILIScan is an academic piece of software, accompanied by a peer-reviewed research paper which has now been published in BMC Genomics. When using BASILIScan please cite the following:

Barski M, 2018, BASILIScan: a tool for high-throughput analysis of intrinsic disorder patterns in homologous proteins., BMC Genomics, Vol:19

27th July 2018 – The pre-print paper has been published on bioRxiv

BASILIScan is an academic software, and as such is accompanied by a scholarly paper. The pre-print paper, was published today in bioRxiv (doi: 10.1101/378018) under the title – BASILIScan: a tool for high-throughput analysis of intrinsic disorder patterns in homologous proteins. It describes the conception and the workings behind the algorithms of BASILIScan. An example using a biologically-relevant scenario is also presented. An interesting new finding, showcasing the power and scope of the program is that a large proportion of the human proteome has more ordered, homologous counterparts in other, related species.

This paper has also been submitted to a journal and is awaiting peer review. Until it has passed the review, please cite the bioRxiv paper whenever you use BASILIScan for your research.

26th July 2018 – BASILIScan 1.3 released

Today, after about a year in the making, the first final version of BASILIScan (1.3) has been released. Many new functions have been added, the interface is more intuitive and streamlined. You can also now download versions for either Mac OSX or Windows (previously only the OSX version was provided). If your research involves proteins at any stage – BASILIScan is a tool for you and will help you find the best possible solution to the many protein-related, flexibility-related problems that most of us have in the lab. Go to the Downloads section and get it sorted!

At this point, as the main developer of BASILIScan, I would like to thank everyone who beta-tested the previously-released version 1.2. All the improvements for this final release would have been impossible without your feedback and suggestions.

7th February 2018 – Version 1.2 BETA released

The first publicly-available version of BASILIScan has been released. Download version 1.2 BETA now and contribute to the testing and improvement of BASILIScan. Your improved protein expression constructs are one step away! Go to the Downloads section now!