Introduction to BASILIScan v1.3


This is a short introduction to most of the features of BASILIScan version 1.2 (February 2018). For instructions on how to obtain and install the software, please consult the ReadMe file. For common problems with running BASILIScan on your system, please see the troubleshooting section of the above document. Any other general issues regarding the features and conception behind BASILIScan, please see the FAQ section and the accompanying research publication.

Upon successfully executing BASILIScan, the startup screen will show as below:

Figure 1

All basic parameters, seen in the window above, need to be filled before the run is started.

Equally importantly, before the run is started, please make sure that you have a fast and stable connection to the Internet. All major components of BASILIScan use online resources such as BLAST and Uniprot, and will not work without a good Internet connection.

Additional options are also available by opening “Edit/Advanced Properties” from the drop-down upper menu. It is advised that all parameters be set up before the job is started.

Figure 2

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