About author

Michal S. Barski, PhDSONY DSC

is the author of BASILIScan and a Research Associate in protein biochemistry and virology at Imperial College London.

His main research interests lie in the structural and mechanistic studies of the process of viral integration, carried out by deltaretroviral integrase enzymes. His parallel interests in the bioinformatics of protein structure and “unstructure” (a.k.a. intrinsic disorder) led to the development of BASILIScan and other software.

For more information about Dr Barski’s work and contributed software please visit the Imperial College London staff profile here and the GitHub page here.

In order to get in touch please e-mail m.barski@imperial.ac.uk or visit:

Twitter (@MichalBarski)

blog (www.spindiffusion.wordpress.com)

Featured Publications

Barski M., Minnell J.J., Hodakova Z., Pye V., Nans A., Cherepanov P., Maertens G.N., 2020, Cryo-em structure of the delta-retroviral intasome in complex with the PP2A regulatory subunit B56gamma., BioRxiv (doi: 10.1101/2020.06.19.161513)

Barski M., Minnell J.J., Maertens G., 2019, Inhibition of HTLV-1 infection by HIV-1 first- and second-generation integrase strand transfer inhibitors., Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol:10

Barski M, 2018, BASILIScan: a tool for high-throughput analysis of intrinsic disorder patterns in homologous proteins., BMC Genomics, Vol:19

Barski M., Brennan B., Miller O.K., Potter J.A., Vijayakrishnan S., Bhella D., Naismith J.H., Elliott R.M. and Schwarz-Linek U. , 2017, Rift Valley fever phlebovirus NSs protein core domain structure suggests molecular basis for nuclear filaments., Elife, Vol:6

Barski M, Facing down emerging viruses: a better knowledge of the pathogenesis of emerging zoonotic diseases is crucial if we want to prepare for “the next Ebola”., The Scientist, 2/2015